Overview: Pudding Panda is a single player platformer where the player must go through multiple levels to get to the pudding without being hit by a falling pineapple.

Gameplay: To start the game, the player clicks the start button at the main menu. The player must navigate around the blocks and pineapples using the arrow keys to go left and right to move and the space bar to jump. Their is a bonus item in each part of the level (a lollipop, a macaroon, and a creampuff) that the player can collect for extra points. If a pineapple touches the player the Game Over text will pop up and the pineapples, pudding, and bonus items will disappear. If the player gets to the pudding the win text will pop up. After a game over or a win, the player can click the mouse to restart.

In The Future: This game served as a prototype for me to figure out how to design and program games using Phaser. Pudding Panda 2 greatly expanded this concept.

Music Credit:

"Staccato" aruka-P

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Published 1 year ago
AuthorChynna Hatton
Tagspanda, phaser, Platformer, pudding